Searching for recently re-homed Basenji in Seattle

  • I had to re-home my darling red/white Basenji named Isis, a 1.5 year old spayed girl, in July of this year. My living circumstances were economically altered and I could no longer give her the care she needed and deserved. I kept in touch with the gentleman who adopted her but recently found out that he re-homed again without letting me know. He can't or won't provide me with any information regarding the adoption. Astounding to me, as now I am quite distraught.

    I have all of the vet records for her and wanted to get in touch with the new family to provide information and support. I am not interested (or rather can't anyway) reclaim her, so I don't want said family to worry about that type of situation. I just want to keep in touch but not interfere.

    I only want to keep in touch and would be most grateful for any response that may be out there for her.

    I appreciate you taking time to read this and hope that you can lend a hand. I would be in your debt.

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