LOST-FL-Lakeland-Red & White Female-On Craigslist

  • This girl was lost on the Southside of Lakeland which is 35 miles NE of Tampa and 55 miles SW of Orlando. Is there anyone in the area that could help?

    Here is the ad:



  • Oh dear, I just saw this. Could have gone to search, oh well, hope the dog was found.

  • I saw the ad again earlier this week so you might want to contact the owner to see if she is still lost.


  • Just sent her a message with my phone number. willing to go help search. Also, a tiny basenji girl is at our local shelter, picked up loose and killing chickens, so I asked if it might be theirs. (If not she will be ours/BRATs, once she is spayed).

  • Is the found girl at a Tampa shelter?


  • Yes, a tiny little basenji at Hillsborough County Animal Services. (Their photo does not really look like her). I doubt it is the Lakeland basenji, that is about 25 miles away and this girl didn't appear to have traveled that far.

  • Will BRAT be taking the girl at the shelter or will she be adopted out? Some shelters do not work with rescues if they think the dog can be adopted!


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