• Hi,
    I am new to Basenji's but can read here I am in for a lot of fun.

    I just got a mix with a lot of Basenji in her, the vet tells me she is 2-3 years old. (Stray dog)

    She is VERY well behaved, quite, potty trained, and so on. Look like she either got lost from her original owner or she got left somewhere.

    So here is my questions:
    I read she need lot of exercise and love to play - and at the same time I read do NOT let her of her leach because she will run away.

    I do love to run myself but am not sure I can run with her every day and would love to play ball/fetch or other games with her.. How does this work if I always have to be afraid of her running away. I do not have a fenced area for us to go to..


  • One strategy if you have a large area that is unfenced is to use a drag rope, so you can get hold of her if necessary. Good training tool as well. Biking is a good way to give lots of exercise in a short period of time. I have done this with a couple of mine. Some Basenjis and for sure some mixes may be temperamentally better suited for off leash than others, but tread carefully until you are sure yours is one of them.

  • With her being 2-3 years old she should have no problem with you on a run. I am not sure how far you run every day but I would take her with you and see how she does. We once took our female B on a 22 km hike, she was a tired puppy after that one and the day after the hike too! Good luck with the Fetching game…..my B's do not really like to fetch, and will only bring back the toy if they really feel like it.

    Welcome to the forum! You will find a lot of information here.

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