Basenji Club of Northern California - Puppy Match, Fun Day, lure practice, Rally, etc

  • June 16, 2012 at Robertson Park in Livermore, Ca. Fun day for Basenjis and their owners …. Flyer on the event can be found at and go to Events.

    There will be demonstrations on Rally and Agility… plus practice for those interested... There will be Fun Classes to enter!!! Not just a dog show, but a fun day for Basenjis and their owners....

  • First Basenji's

    I hope to make it this year!

    My folks are in town for the first time in a long while, so some of my plans are up in the air. They're not "dog people" … but I may just send them off to do their own thing while I do mine on this day. 🙂

  • It should be a really fun day. I will not be there unless the major breaks at the shows in OR before I leave…

  • We were planning coming along unaccompanied (leaving the dogs at home, I mean) but we've since decided that since basenji people know about basenjis, by definition, they'll understand that our girls aren't horrible vicious things if they growl at the other girls.

    So we'll be there!

  • Looking forward to seeing you there. It should be a fun filled day with the basenjis. Bring shade if you have it.

  • First Basenji's

    Drove out about an hour and a half and arrived in the afternoon to find –

    (1) HOLY HELL it was hot, 105 degrees according to my car's thermometer! I had no idea.
    (2) there was a rodeo going on with a whole bunch of very large, red and white... horses. Not Basenjis.
    (3) at least two other confused Basenji owners who couldn't find the rest of the party, either. But at least we got to meet a couple new B's for about two seconds. 🙂

    Did everyone pack up and leave before the rodeo and the brain-melting heat took over? Or did we get our wires crossed? What a bummer!

    At any rate, I won't take our perpetually balmy East Bay weather for granted ever again.

  • Everyone left around 1:30pm because the heat was just too much.

    Photos from the event can be viewed here:!i=1909561247&k=pTxzkqb

  • Whoevers little red boy is in those pics with the guy in the orange shirt, that dog has the cutest face!! Love all the wrinkles. The pictures are awesome the weather looks so nice and it looks like everyone had a fantastic time. I am envious I am not closer.

  • Me too…there always seems to be more events in the west!! Oak and I feel all alone in new England- no meetups,events 😞

  • @Chealsie508:

    Me too…there always seems to be more events in the west!! Oak and I feel all alone in new England- no meetups,events 😞

    LMAO try living in northern Alberta!!!!

  • For anyone near New York this coming weekend is the Rip Van Wrinkle Fun Match,

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