MO-Independence-10 Month Old Female B Mix-On Petfinder Classifieds

  • The ad does not have a picture nor states the size. Rescued at a kill shelter in Oct 2011 but owned by an elderly person who cannot keep up with her-too active. She was told it was a Lab mix but after researching thinks she is a B mix. This girl can climb a chain link fence and can jump on a picnic table in a single jump! Sounds like a BRAT foster I had a few years ago. She has to keep her on a cable because of the climbing and does not think it is fair. It is obvious she does not want to return the dog to the kill shelter. She is spayed/neutered, house trained and up-to-date on vaccines! She gets along with her larger dog.

    The dog is located in a suburb of Kansas City MO/KS-approximately 10-15 miles away. Can anyone in the area contact the owner and/or go see what this girl looks like?

    Here is the ad:

    If the link does not work, go to Classifieds-Adoptable Pet Classifieds on the Petfinder website and search under Basenji.


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