MA-Boston/Holliston-5 Yr. Old Male R & W Basenji-On Craigslist

  • This boy sounds as if he may have some issues-possessive of things, does not like other dogs and should not be with children. Needs an experienced B owner or rescue! Unknown if neutered or has had thyroid testing. Is there anyone close that could contact the owner?

    What is sad is that this is a free to good home! I am worried that someone might want him to use as a a bait dog!

    I do not know if any of these owners who are posting on Craigslist are contacting the breeder of their dogs.

    Here is the ad:


  • Has anyone contacted Pam to see if this is an Eldorado boy? If not, I can.

    Edited: I emailed her the link just in case, if BRAT needs me to I can take him but clearly can't foster him as I have Oakley… I dontn know if BRAT would even take him after what the family disclosed but Holliston isn't far so I can help of need be

  • "Diego is not good with other dogs. On walks, if allowed to approach another dog, he likely will try to attack the dog, and may bite you in the process.
    He is also possessive aggressive. He doesn't like toys much, but if he somehow gets into something with blood (i.e. bloody tissue), you must lure him from the item with a dog treat and not try to take the item away from him or you will get bitten. If he is asleep, you must not startle him, or try to force him physically out of his sleeping position. On the other hand, he's also VERY lovable. He is well trained in that he will never ever go to the bathroom inside, and knows many commands (sit, lie down, paw, other paw, stay, go to your mat, go to bed, hop…yes hop!). My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed his company and HATE to let him go."

    This doesn't sound like a dog that deserves to be put down-- it sounds like one who needs to be rehomed in the right kind of environment. Many Bs are leash-aggressive with other dogs. Homes with young children can be hard on Bs, and this boy may not be getting enough exercise and attention. I wish I could take him. Sounds like he needs a change of scenery and a chance. 😞

  • I usually do not contact the owners unless I live close enough to visit. I used to contact a few until one got a little nasty about me being from out-of-state.

    How often does a dog get into something that is bloody? I thought that was odd! I keep the trash away from the dogs so they cannot get it.


  • Jennifer, I meant Pam the breeder here in MA… I figured this might be one of her boys because of proximity to each other... If this is an Eldorado boy then Pam will definitely want to intervene and get the dog back. I emailed her the link and she will deal with it if it's one of hers.

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