• http://alberta.kijiji.ca/c-pets-dogs-puppies-for-sale-Basenji-W0QQAdIdZ328594366

    I have just found this posting on Kijiji and have emailed the poster some questions. I am new to BRAT and need some advice on how to go about finding out information on this dog. If anyone has anything that can help me, it would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  • This ad looks to me like it is from this particular's Basenji's breeder? So it is unlikely that this person would give her up to BRAT. Could be it was a buyer that returned the pup to the breeder so the breeder is trying to rehome.

  • I emailed a few questions to this breeder as I do not know of this breeder in Alberta…have never seen any of their dogs at shows or anything. I asked if the dog had been tested for Fanconi, hips and Cerf'd for her eyes. I have yet to hear of a response. I know of a couple B Breeders in Alberta who do not do this testing, which is why I found a Breeder in BC for my dogs.

  • I have also never come across this breeder or the kennel name…

  • I wonder who the sire and dam are. She has not emailed me back yet. I don't imagine I will get an email just because of the questions asked.

  • Hopefully you will get an answer, even if you did ask some 'sensitive' questions. When it comes to the welfare of animals (or any living thing for that matter) it would be so nice if people parked their egos at the door and just looked at the questions as something asked by someone who really cares.

    I know that when I first became a member here, I was surprised at times by the frankness of questions asked. None of it is/was done to be cruel or nasty or to pass judgement. It's all done to make sure the basenjis we come across have the best possible chance at having good homes and are able to stay out of shelters.

    I'm sure you didn't offend.

  • I know that there is a "Sphinx" kennels in Lethbridge. I talk to them when I see them at the shows here; they are very nice but I know nothing about their breeding practices. They also breed Manchesters and I believe Dobies (I know she has them). Breeding more than 2 breeds can be a red flag.

  • Yes I have shown agains her dogs before as well, at the AKC in Calgary. I was not aware that she was from Lethbridge though. They have not gotten back to me on the questions that I had asked so either the dog is gone or she just does not want anything to do with me. I have looked up other ads by that poster and looks like this person also had Tollers. I recently bought my hubby a Toller from a place in BC. So right now I have two strikes against them. Tollers are famous for health problems as well. Looks like this person runs a dog kennel in Lethbridge. I would really like to see health testing on these dogs. It makes a person frustrated that people are buying from breeders like this who probably don't test for problems.

  • Maybe you should have contacted BCOC rescue and they could have taken over. While you may be affiliated with BRAT, in Canada we also have our own rescue and I'm sure someone was aware of it and already tried it. Helps to do a little digging with BCOC.

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