IA-Dubuque-PB Senior R&W Male-In Shelter

  • I am certain this boy is PB even though the shelter has him listed as large! I e-mailed the shelter for additional information about him since there was nothing posted about him on his Petfinder page.

    The shelter is located approximately 70 miles NE of Cedar Rapids, IA and N of Davenport, IA, and approximately 90 miles SW of Madison, WI and W of Rockford, IL.

    The shelter is supposedly open tomorrow. I hope someone can take a look at him!


  • Did you sent this to anyone in BRAT?

  • I did not contact BRAT. I forgot to put his Petfinder page on my previous post:


    Here is the information that was sent to me by the shelter:

    Yes, Benny is still available and is looking for a new loving home. He is a purebred Basenji and is probably around 20ish lbs. He was brought in by his owner, their reasoning was separation anxiety. However, when we did his temperament evaluation, he did fine with us. We did say that he is shy and takes a bit of time to warm up. The previous owner said that he is "indifferent" about other dogs. If you currently have a dog, we highly recommend that you bring your dog and staff can assist you to do a dog to dog introduction to see if they will get along with your dog. Benny is 9 years old. Please feel free to stop by and meet Benny at our Kennedy mall location. There should be a picture of Benny on our website at www.dbqhumane.org

    Thanks for your interest!
    Dubuque Humane Society Staff

    I am going to post on the BBR list to see if anyone recognizes this boy. On the Humane Society website, he is listed as a girl, so I am not sure what sex he/she might be!


  • I found the same dog on Petango.com this morning… here is the link:


    The information states,

    Benny was surrendered to us and is a bit timid at first, but once she warms up she will love you. She is very attentive to herself most of the time, but she is extremely treat motivated and takes them politely. We think she'd be a great companion for a patient and caring family that would take time to work with her.

    Call 563-582-6766 to speak to an adoption representative at
    Dubuque Regional Humane Society

    I hope Mr/Miss Benny is adopted soon!

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