Looking for new home for a young male basenji (Switzerland)

  • After a great deal of thought, we are looking to rehome our 20-month old male basenji-cross. He is a loving, smart, confident, happy guy. He is good with kids and very social with all people. Trained in basic obedience, he understands about 20 commands (although he retains the right to ignore them!).

    We are looking for a home where someone is at home for most of the day as he is much happier following his people around, and has some separation anxiety. This has been challenging as we work full time. Also, it has turned out not to be a great fit with our other non-basenji dog, who is allergic to most animal proteins. This means we can?t leave bones lying around, which he would prefer to chew constantly instead of toys. We will never drop him off at a shelter, but are looking for a better situation for him if we can find one.

    He gets along with other dogs if properly introduced (loves to chase and play). However, he does have leash aggression, but is much better when he is not with his doggy sister who has a real fear of other dogs because of her history. We haven?t tried him out with cats.

    He has an interesting story, as he was rescued at around 8 weeks old from the bush in East Africa (a veritable Congo dog!). We took him in as a last resort when he was around 12 weeks old. Since then, we brought him with us to Switzerland, where we?ve been for a year. We think he?d do best in a house with a family, garden, and/or other dogs.

    He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations.

  • Well I looked for Basenji rescue groups in Switzerland.. no. Then I found a link to the Basenji Club of Switzerland. They disbanded. BUT they have an email for contact and said there is a fan group. I suggest you contact them for some help


  • Oh, and maybe nearby countries with active clubs

  • Dear Debra,

    Thanks for the notes and looking up options nearby. We had already written to the Swiss basenji email address, but didn't get a response. We'd be willing to take him to nearby countries in Europe for the right fit. Perhaps now we will try writing to the other countries' basenji groups.

    He is such a lovely dog, and we want a good situation for him. He has come a long way and is much calmer now that he's a bit older!


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