• This was just posted on the Yahoo Fanconi List; important for anyone with a Fanconi affected dog:

    DR. GONTO: ANY communication of a medical nature, such as recommended
    changes in dose or review of blood gasses, whatever…MUST come from the vet
    directly to me, and the response must go back directly FROM me to the vet.

    Apparently having him prescribe directly to an owner could have possible
    legal ramifications, so you must get your vet to call Dr. Gonto at (912)
    598-5067, or to e-mail him at Outdoc@aol.com.

    DR. GONTO continues: Owners can still contact me to give me updates, photos,
    etc., of the dogs, but the MEDICAL stuff must go only from me to vet, or vet
    to me. Under no circumstance can I violate that medical regulation, so I
    would deeply appreciate if people did not expect me to.

    If it is an EMERGENCY situation, have the vet call me or email me DIRECTLY,
    any time, day or night.

    Thank you very much for your understanding. Steve Gonto

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