• I know its a long-shot, but I thought Id try :D…

    My Name: Jenni Palmer.
    My City/State: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
    Phone/email: jenni-palmer@bigpond.com
    Ages of B: 12 1/2 months old red/white male.
    Current weight: Approx 11 kilo's.
    Weight of Parents: Mum approximately 10 kilo's, and Dad is approx 11 1/2 kilo's.
    Parents health testing: Both parents are fully health tested, so please see my website for all results.
    Registration: ANKC registered, (i.e. Australian). Currently on full Main Registration, but he will be downgraded to Limit Registration, prior to going to his new home.
    Age pups can go: Now.
    Do you ship: No not O/S, but able to transport all over Australia.

    Java was the pup I had kept to show from my first litter I had last year. I have just had another of the litter returned to me, and the decision had been made to keep Kayo and allow Java to hopefully, find his new forever home. He is a lovely, sound young boy with a lot of love to give. Hes been reared with other dogs, (B's and Australian Cattle Dogs), one very tough cat, and my 2 girls, 14 and 13 years. He is available to a pet home only, and will be desexed prior to him leaving. It hasnt been an easy decision, but, I know he will be so much happier being thoroughly spoilt, (within reason !!!), in his own home.

    Please no flaming. Im doing this for Java, not for my own selfish reasons…

  • Yes I know its another long-shot ;)…

    My Name: Jenni Palmer.
    My City/State: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
    Age of B: Just turned 2 years old, red/white female.
    Current Weight: Approx 10 kilo's.
    Weight of Parents: No idea, sorry. Medium sized sire and dam.
    Parents Health Tests: Both parents testing is on the breeders website. I havent done any testing on her as yet.
    Registration: Is with the ANKC, (Australian Reg body). She is currently on full/Main Registration, but will be sold on Limited Reg, and desexed.
    Age when can go: Now.
    Do I ship: Around Australia, but not O/S.

    Another hard decision to make. Vanda is for sale to a pet home only. She is a very sweet young lady, and a lady she is... She came to us as a pup, and was a very 'grown-up' pup. Rarely played, and was very serious, about everything. Then after I had the litter last year, she suddenly decided that being playful was actually great fun, and she hasnt looked back since :)... This young lady has a lovely temperament, is fine with other dogs, of either sex, raised with a cat, (and ignores it), and 2 girls, now 14 and 13 years old.

    Again, no flaming, this decision has been made in Vanda's best interests...

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