Any suggestions for female aggression issues?

  • Recently moved into a house with another female basenji. Most everything has been worked out between the male and two females. But, every single morning, the two females will go after eachother snarling and nipping. Hair up on the back and everything. After that, they interact just fine and both, or all three, will even play together really well.

    I don't understand that morning issue. I discussed it with the owners of the other female and they dont understand it either.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Do you feed them in the morning?

  • Yes. In the morning and evening.

  • It could be a food aggression situation. If you feed them together try separating them. I would then sit them together and feed a treat to one and then the other to get them associating food with being together. By that I mean they see good things happen with food when they're together.
    If you see any aggression stop immediately and begin again slowly.
    Let us know if there is any improvement. It may take awhile so don't be discouraged.

  • Ill give you a little more information. Mine (Geordie & Callie) are fed separately from Lexi. The problem is between Callie and Lexi. Their bedroom and feeding area is upstairs. Lexi sleeps downstairs with her parents. When i wake up, i feed them and take them outside. As Callie goes down the stairs in the morning, she raises her hackels in anticipation of seeing Lexi.

    It used to be that Lexi would already be up by the time i take them out in the morning but we have begun keeping them in the downstairs bedroom until my morning stuff is done and we can find a resolution to this morning problem.

    When all together, like at the dog park, the run as a pack and seem to get along very well. Also get a long great at night playing. I try to do exercises with them and praise them for any good behavior when they are all together.

    As far as improvement, I have seen alot since we first moved and since i first got them. Both of mine were rescues from BRAT. They have come along way and i really want to work this problem out. Ill give them all the time and patience i can.

  • How recent was the move?

    I know that females getting along is never a sure thing. You can increase your odds, but no guarantees.

    Can they meet outside in the morning before interacting inside? I've seen my sister use that trick on her girls when they're not loving each other, and it seems to help. For some reason meeting inside is much more fraught, but if they come inside together it's like they don't need to do all the yelling.

  • Its been two months which is not really a lot of time. I will add that there were some other issues and we have been sucessfull at correcting those.

    A great suggestion on them meeting outside in the morning. Definately worth a shot and I have some ideas already.


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