• Kipawa and I were out early this morning for our longest walk of the day. This morning we woke up to a little fog, but it cleared quickly and we were left with bright sunshine.

    Today's walk was near a bog area that is a preserved nature site. I like to mix up our walks to keep Kipawa interested. He really wanted to barge through some thickets to get to small birds that were feeding, but I had a good hold on him. Once again we saw more bald eagles. We are entering their breeding time of the year and there are many in our neck of the woods.

    Once home, Kipawa got a reward for a well behaved walk - a porcupine 'monster' that is being killed as we speak.

  • Houston

    Nice, we love sunshine too..lovely pictures yet again.

  • Nice photos. Kipawa is going to be one well-rounded basenji! Wish our weather could be that nice - instead we have freezing rain and snow today.
    Thanks for sharing.:)

  • Fran, I think you are a wonderful Basenji Mum. The photos are lovely and Kipawa is obviously going to be a well-rounded boy with all his different exepriences.

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