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We have a driver education business in Oregon and during one of our recent video shoots we had to bring Zaki along. We have him buckeled with a harness in the back seat so while we were filming he began to - cry, yodle - wine, you know. So once we started taking shots of him he settled right down. Now when ever we go any where he jump is the front seat with his paws on the wheel as if to say, OK, where do you want to go today. He is a character for sure.!


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We just put in a new backyard this Summer and Zaki loves the rocks. He waits till late in the afternoon when they get really hot and just soaks up the heat. Do they all like the heat this much??0_1603317096079_Zaki - Guardian.jpg

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Hi Leigh,

I am no expert by any means but I found myself in that same position this Spring. I wanted a Basenji and my wife was a bit reticent, for two reasons, what she had read and the fact we had never owned a dog before. We had a lot of the issues you described, but over time Zaki and his pack (me and Lois and Matt) worked things out. It only took about a year and two chairs and a couch later. I have learned a great deal but I have to say that I would not trade the process or my dear friend Zaki for anything.

I too was afraid of letting him off the leash, but we have such a close relationship, that when he does get away, all I have to do is tell him I have some cheese, or I am going to "GO" or turn my back on him (which he hates) and he comes running back. I have gotten him to sit, stand up, we call it "wanna dance", lie down, roll over, touch, he gives me "high fours" and he fetches just about anything you can think of. Yes, it was difficult and there were some VERY long nights working all this out, but I have to say, love goes along way, both ways. And I will tell you, this forum has been a great help, these people have basenji blood running through their veins.

Patience, love, lots of "good boy's", treats and exercise that's all you need.

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Well, I uploaded this MP4 to Google drive let me know what you think, is he ready?

Video Link

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Not only did it do the trick but he seems much happier (mine smiles, don't know about yours) and some of you mentioned that they know when bedtime is and Zaki started doing the same thing, he would look at me and sometimes even pull on my pant leg and then he would give me that "Look" and I would say "let's go to bed" and he would run up the stairs and go right in and lie down. I only wish I had asked about this with you guys much earlier.

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Hi yall'

Thought I would post two more pixs. Zaki has been with us for about three days now. The first two days I spent 24 hours a day with him to sooth the transition from the breeders kennel to our home. As of today, no more accidents, in fact he now goes to the slider, looks outside and does his business on his own. He spends all nite in the crate/kennel, knows "gotta go potty", "back", "off" this is the big one because he is only allowed to sit on one of our couches (see photo). The other photo is of him with one of his favorite play toys. I swear we cannot wear this little guy out.

I can't tell you how much joy he brings to me and my family. And btw, thanks for all the great input from so many of you on this board.



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Broke my toe the other day (still think like a 20yo) and walking him has been very difficult. So, my son took him out yesterday for a long walk which did him a world of good (Zaki not Matthew) anyway he took this photo of our B-boy in the back yard after the walk.


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I didn't know where else to post this. It is the funniest thing I have heard in forever.

A good friend of mine who knows we just got a Basenji sent this to me, enjoy

"Last night I went to Costco to buy a bag of food for my neighbor’s dog, (my neighbor is sick at home) Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog.

I stared at her (those who know me will imagine my gaze) ...but then why would I be buying dog food...right? So, on impulse I told her no, that I didn’t have a dog, that I was starting the dog food diet again, and that I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital the last time, but I ended up 15 pounds less! I told her that it was the perfect diet and that all you had to do is carry the kibbles in your pocket and eat one or two every time you feel hungry (I have to mention that practically everyone in line was interested in my story).

Frightened, the woman asks me if I ended up in the hospital because the dog food had poisoned me. I answered...of course not! I was admitted because I started barking, chasing a cat and got hit by a truck"

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Thought I would throw my $0.37 in (inflation you know) I have never owned a dog before. I grew up with one (a purebred mutt) but it was my dads and I rarely interacted with him. My B-dog's name is Zaki and I will share a bit of what has happend so far. We got him at 12 weeks, that was a little over three weeks ago. I am his alpha, and he really gets upset if I leave for any amount of time. But because of that I have had a very easy(relative) time of training him. I have taught him to shake hands, sit, come, walk next to me on a leash and when he needs to go out and do his business, we have tied a bell on a string to the door that leads out into the back yard, and he rings the bell.

We have struggled with his bitting, my son and wife REALLY don't like it when he goes into bit mode. I grab his nose squeeze tight, not enough to inflict pain, make him look at me and with my drill sergeant voice I say "no bite, no bite" now when he wants to bite me all I have to do is call his name and say "no bite" and hand him something else to chew on. This is working, slowly. He is as smart as most of the teenagers I teach and gets bored very easily so I have to find new and interesting ways to play, teach and entertain. All said, the work was hard but the rewards keep coming.

I have been around others who have all kinds of different dogs, but I wouldn't trade my Zaki for any of them. If you have the time and patience your experience will be well worth the effort. Good luck with your choice.

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I don't know what else to call it. When he wants to play he does this sorta, crab dance thing runs around in the house, like to say, come and chase me. I corner him (all in good fun) and he does the crab dance. What I wanted to know is if this is my Zaki being weird or do they all do that?

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In Portland Oregon it rains all the time during the Winter, so we got Zaki his very own raincoat. He still does not like getting his toes wet.

I also made a video of Zaki lure coursing in the living room but it was 1.8MB. Does anyone have any ideas on how to show that video another way?


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Zaki and I just wanted to pop over and say hello from beautiful Oregon. Looking forward to reading all your combined experience and begin the learning process. Zaki is 12 weeks and this is a very new experience for me, having not had a dog since I lived at home with my folks.

Zaki is a brindle and we found him from a breeder near the Portland area and are most happy with the experience so far. We (the breeder and I) are thinking of showing him since she has several champions so I am looking forward to that as well.

Anyway, Danke to all.

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Couple of my new friend - Zaki. He will come to live with us on Friday, can't wait. The second one is with he and his sister after a hard day of playing. Enjoy


0_1583877608646_Zaki & Skye.JPG

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Hey there, so new to all of this, Zaki is my first and if all goes well, the first of many. I really love this crazy guy. Anyway, we have a gas fireplace at home and over the weekend it got very cold (for Oregon anyway) and we flipped the fireplace on. A few minutes later we found Zaki right in front of it stretched out like a cat (which is so weirdly cute) and he would not move. We then noticed that the living room had shot up to 72 and we were roasting. What is the deal with B-dogs loving the heat, or is it just mine?

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@tjoseph91Hey Todd, welcome. This is a great place to get some really fantastic help. We got our little guy a week before the shutdown here in Oregon and it has been wonderful to spend most of the day with my Zaki. We have really bonded. He was 12 weeks when we got him and I have had a change to teach him to sit, stay, come and do a great deal of leash training. We had him house broken in a few days (the beauty of nothing to do but watch you B-dog all day long) and we have only had one accident. Mine is very quiet and he knows to sit by the sliding door when he needs to go but if we don't know he is there, well thats when we had the accident. Have fun with your new best friend.

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@jengosmonkey He is. We lucked into getting him. Someone in CA wanted a Besenji and when they got up here to Oregon and saw him and that he was a Brindle, they said no to the breeder. Like I said, lucky for us. We love him.

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Great idea I will work on videos this weekend, wasn't sure I could post MP4s. Also, it is very interesting to me that Zaki has compartmentalized the things he does with each of the three of us, my wife, me, and my son.

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That did the trick. Thanks.

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Yes, and they will put a logo on it for you too. We own a business and blue is our color so the next one will have our business logo on it. We are going to make a video of how best to secure your dog in a moving car, so he will end up being the star on that segment.

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