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well, i could certainly see basenjis making an allience with dragons. But I always think of them as the velociraptors from Jurassic Park (very clever and always checking the electic fence!)

That's funny, because sometimes when I see our female doing something "sly" or naught or smart, I will say "clever girl" like the big game hunter guy from Jurassic Park. I think there is something raptor like (at least Jurassic Park raptor) in them too!

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I don't know if a dog can live on pasta, but there IS a higher protein pasta available. I buy this and no one in my family knows it is any different! And we've got some picky eaters. It might be helpful to try it. It has 5 g of protein per ounce, so it isn't as good a source as actual meat, but it is something. If you could mix in egg or milk or yogurt, or even beans, those are other options.

My heart just breaks for you both, it is so hard to know what is going on in there. But if she still likes pasta, then pasta she should have, imo!

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My mother has had great danes for years and gives them vegetables to help supplement the giant volume of dog food that she must buy for such big guys. She feeds carrots in the cooked form only, says none of her dogs have done well on raw carrots. She also feeds potatoes cooked only, for raw veggies she will feed other veggies, but for carrots and potatoes always cooked.

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So happy for Dave and for Diesel! Looking forward to seeing pics and getting updates as to how it is going for them.

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I've followed all these threads, but thanks just the same. I am not interested in his past as he is a baby, he needs a stable home and that is my issue He also has Vet papers regarding shots and whatnot that I will require for ownership to be transferred. We'll sort out what he wants to be called if he gets here.

Dave, what will happen if you make all these arrangements and are ready to get him and there are no vet papers? Would you break your own heart and leave him? I don't think you would so it is important to think about these possibilities ahead of time. I want to see this dog get the very best care possible and I wish you no further heartbreak in this. I think that will be best achieved with eyes wide open. Is there a way for you to get copies of the papers ahead of time?

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So judgemental this group is. I'm simply trying to find him a better home then what I can provide him with.
Who the hell are you to imply anything about my past pets? Ever stop to think that th ey yactually got hit by a car or died of old age? Of course not. Like I said I am not giving this B to anyone that merely wants the dog. He is good with kids. He would rather be attached to my brothers side than at mine. He's like a guard dog almost.

Enigmatic, you cannot expect people to know you've solved the biting problem with the dog if you never bothered to post a follow up about it. All anyone on this board knows is that you were having problems with biting and nipping and now you are trying to get rid of him. Not only that, but instead of posting on here, or contacting BRAT, you've posted him on craigslist. Not exactly conducive to him getting into a Basenji savvy good home. What are we supposed to think? It looks pretty bad when you add it all up. Also the timing is so short, it would not occur to anyone that you had completely "solved" an issue that was giving you such grief so quickly. It just seems unlikely that a biting dog would suddenly stop, don't you think? Don't blame people for reaching logical conclusions with the extremely limited information you've given here and the mightily strange way you've gone about seeking to re-home your dog.

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Chealsie, what that ruling means is that if the vet wants your dog to have a medication, they must provide a prescription for you to fill at an outside pharmacy if you ask for it (rather than selling you the pills straight out, which most vets do to increase their earnings) It does not mean that the vet must provide you with drugs or a prescription just because you think you need it, that would be medically unsound. They are trained to make that decision, as to when drugs are indicated and when they are not. Prophylactic antibiotic use (prescribing an antibiotic when there is no infection, as a "just in case" measure) has come under a lot of fire recently, since improper and overly enthusiastic antibiotic use is thought to be contributing to the rise in antibiotic resistant infections.

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Fran, I'm sorry to hear all you had to go through to get this taken care of. I do want to point out that ego probably has a lot less to do with it than you think. Mostly what you are seeing here is individual employees doing the cya (cover your a&&) dance. Our society has become so sue happy that employees are instructed NEVER to admit fault. Admitting fault is NOT their job, and it is a fire-able offense. Even saying "I'm sorry" can be construed as admitting fault, it is not in the script for these employees. They are to collect the information and let the corporate lawyers handle the rest. That is why you were getting the feeling you did. As far as the vet-consultant you reached, his job is probably only to offer palliative care advice and to instruct you to go to you own vet or an emergency vet if the situation warrants. He is probably not the one who is supposed to making the determination about which foods are recalled and which are not. Once the call went to him, all he should have been dealing with is your dog's current health status. He definitely did not know what he was talking about and needs either serious retraining or to be taken off the job.

I hope Kipawa feels better, and does well on his new food! You certainly have gone the extra mile in the name of better dog care!

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Yes, I agree with the allergies comment, esp in the spring/summer.

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We had an oriental rug with tassels on it for the first 1 1/2 years of having a basenji. Only caught him messing with it once, corrected him, never had another problem.

Ours is weird though, and never (EVER) unsupervised.

I had more trouble with the vacuum cleaner and that rug than with the dog! Glad it's gone, got tired of it messing up my vacuum all the time.

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Be aware that the lowmmmmmmmm sound might be the beginnings of a yodel. This is how our boy started. He didn't yodel for the longest time, and now he only does it when someone comes in. The longer it has been since he saw you and the more he likes you, the more vocal he is, but it all started with what we thought was a growl. Then we noticed his body language, ears slicked back (whippet ears) and tail wildly wagging, running in circles, etc

Does he like your friend? If so, this might be what he's doing, and you don't want to discourage him from the beginnings of his yodel!!

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You can really see his amazing muscularity in this photo series. You keep him in such beautiful condition, Janneke. You should be very proud of the job you are doing with him!

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I think it makes them feel more secure and settled when they can see and smell you right there. Ours sleep in the same room with us also.

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Remember you can vote once per day on each computer you use (and if you use alternate browsers you can vote once per day per computer per browser)

I just voted twice at work, then will vote 4 more times from home!!

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They are like little kids throwing mad tantrums. Why do little kids throw mad tantrums? They are overtired! When this happens at our house, (and it still does even though our boy is older now) one of us picks him up and holds him in our lap for a few minutes until he rather quickly falls asleep.

Try it and see…

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I don't post much, I've been gone from this forum, for the most part for quite a while, but I wanted to tell you that I think you are doing right by Tucker. My dog prior to a B was my Eski, who had similar issues with trust. I was the only one he trusted completely, and he was very unpredictable (and dangerous) with strangers. I kept him safe and sound, and kept him from getting into trouble, by keeping him away from strangers, or muzzled. Even as my life circumstances changed, (family etc) I always figured out a way to help him get through it. He was a great dog, and accepted the fella and kids I acquired as his own family. We all loved him, and it worked for his whole life, until his kidneys finally quit due to age and I helped him across the bridge.

Only you know what is right for your family and your dog. Tucker will never forget what you have done for him, and you can know you did your best for him, even in difficult times.

Best of luck to you both….

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As long as you are not planning on breeding, it is totally okay to get a dog that is a carrier. Carriers will never actually GET the disease. For pet purposes there is no difference between Clear and Carrier. Concentrate on finding a responsible breeder with total transparency about testing. Ask for the full names of the sire and dam so you can look them up on the ofa site. If they have been tested, the results HAVE to be there.

Good for you for doing all your homework. It will save you much heartache.

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Just wait until you 'smell' your own! Seriously, I smell my boy's feet almost everyday. They smell like chips!! And when he's sleeping in his little bed, sometimes I lie down and put my face in his tummy and just smell him.

I'm a freak…see my flag?

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A show dog has been evaluated by experts within the breed. Every time a dog wins it means they are the best representation of the breed in the ring on that day. It means they possess the characteristics of the breed. The whole point of showing a dog is to find the ones that are the BEST representations of the breed standard.

And for the record, I don't show my dog, never will. He's neutered, even though he tested Fanconi clear, and I think he's perfect in every way. I won't breed him, because I don't know enough about his pedigree to be certain that his good traits would breed totally true.

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