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It finally happened! My boy got the last placement he needed to finish his grand championship last weekend in Tallmadge, OH. Sorry It's huge!
GCh. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now

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Hey there! I think you may have messaged me on my Tumblr but I'll respond here too.

I own basenjis because they aren't your typical "dog". They are quirky cat-dog creatures that make my life whole. They are small, clean, quiet and hilarious. I am not a big fan of dog drool and TONS of hair all over my clothes and house. I like that I can pick them up when I need to, I like that they take me 10 minutes to groom, I like that they aren't expensive to feed (ie not a great dane amount a food), I like that they think for themselves, I like that they don't hide their "emotions", I like that they learn quickly (even if they prefer not to repeat it over and over), watching them run makes me cry (no joke, I cry at Fast CATs lol), I love how they like to snuggle under blankets, I love when I have all 3 on my lap just happy to be near me, HEAD TILTS and yes, I do love how they look. My dogs do not have separation anxiety, are only "aggressive" with some strange dogs, don't know the meaning of the word aloof and all 3 are trained better than most of the dogs I see at work (i'm a vet tech).

They do have energy but like a lot of sighthounds (and cheetahs!) they GO GO GO and done. Mine just did some laps in the yard and are crashed on the couch. My adult dogs are pretty easy to live with, puppies are BAD but that can be said for any breed lol. My youngster shred 3 dog beds when I fell asleep on the couch the other day. He was bored and found something to do! My dogs are in their kennels when I am not home or I do believe they would destroy my house. My poor blinds have suffered many "OMG OMG A SQUIRRL!!!!!!" attacks. They have high prey drive and don't always do well with cats or other small animals. Mine are fine with the cat they grew up with but all others are prey to be chased. They aren't always as forgiving of small human antics like a lab would be. Gotta train your kids too.

I think a lot of the negative things actually do come from a good place. People LOVE their breed and are afraid someone will get one based on a couple of traits and the dog will end up being rehomed for being a basenji. I think a lot of people get carried away with the "ugly" part of "The good, the bad, and the ugly" and forget that there was a time when they were new to the breed. There is a problem with BYB/Millers telling people they are silent and don't shed. Perfect dog right?? BUT WAIT, there's also prey drive, destructive behavior, stubbornness, etc. So I think that makes people hesitant of newbies and want to be sure they know there is more to them than being small, low shed no barkers. I think you need to meet some before you decided if they are for you! Where are you from? I know many breeders.

So, to sum up my incoherent wall of text: I love my breed and it's true they aren't the easiest breed to work with but I wouldn't have anything else (well maybe an Ibizan hound LOL). Like any animal, find a good breeder you trust!

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Well, I was looking for a show dog. My first boy was 4 months old when I got him because he was held back as a show prospect. Elliot my current red boy was also a show hold back Tad offered to me after my first boy passed away and was 5 months when I got him. Morgan was the one I waited for and was just as anxious as you lol. Again, I wanted a show dog and had to wait to see how the pups turned out. He was 10 weeks old when I got him :).
Tad will pick the right puppy for you and your family!


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It does sound like displaced aggression. Can’t get to what she wants so she lashes out. One of my dogs got his foot stuck in a gate and paniced. While I was trying to help him he snapped at me. He wasn’t mad at me but scared/frustrated at the situation. I’m not new to basenjis either, it’s something I’ve had to work with him on. He’s 3 now and much better. How is she in the house? Is it just an issue with other dogs? If she were my dog I’d work on some foundation training and hold off on walks with the kids. It is my experience that many basenjis don’t really care to be friends with every dog they meet. She does need to learn to walk passed them with out reacting, but don’t expect her to like them and want to play.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your breeder was right to be apprehensive as basenjis are not an easy breed. They take an owner who will keep them in check and one that has a sense of humor. I do think the whole “not a first time dog” is stupid. How many labs must one own before they can have the breed they want??

I agree that you should work with a trainer, especially since you are new to dogs. Perhaps one that could come to your house and see her in her element. I also hope your breeder is helping you. It is their duty to help their puppy buyers though this.

Please don’t hesitate to keep posting here and asking for guidance!!

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My boy Morgan had a great weekend at the Cleveland Crown Classic shows! He went BOB all 4 days and finally finished his championship. He is now Ch. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now! I can't wait to start working on his grand! (he already has a 5pt major!)

The picture won't post 😕

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Sure you can message me. You deserve to know if there is no puppy for you this year. Keeping you in limbo isn’t right. I’m hoping the breeder is still evaluating puppies and just hasn’t contacted everyone yet.

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A lot of it is his age. At 1.5-2 he's starting to mature and sometimes they act like that. Neutering is not a magical fix to the issue either. Sadly, a lot of vets and even some trainers will tell you that your dogs problem is that he is intact. Neutering won't make him want to be BFFs with every dog he meets. All it will do is reduce his hormones and make him unable to reproduce. It may lessen some undesirable behaviorists like marking and roaming but.. I know plenty of castrated dogs who do both.
What Debra said is how I feel about my dogs "making friends". They aren't going to like every dog but I expect them to behave. I can walk them though a group of other dogs and they will ignore them for the most part. That takes time and training! They have their friends and do MUCH better off leash than on leash. It will be hard to distract him when he's "in the zone" with another dog so start small. Work on his interaction with your brother's dog in a controlled environment. Remove all "high value" toys and chew bones that he could be guarding. Dog parks are the worst place to take a dog in training. You can't control what the other dogs are doing. He could be justifiably telling them off for rude behavior. I would never ever take my dogs there.

Also, make sure to talk to your breeder and see if they have any tips for you :).

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Elliot and Morgan trying out their new bed. Morgan likes it now but it took a few days. haha

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I agree strongly with everything Debra has said above. Every word of it!
To add to it...If your dog did come from a responsible breeder, has been tested, etc then they would be the ones to contact. They would know your dogs pedigree best and may even have a bitch that would be a good match for him. I know that if I were to breed my boys their breeder would have to approve any bitch I were to use. It's in their (understandably and necessary) lengthy contract.

Not every dog, even with a good pedigree, should be bred.

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Sire and dam is like saying "dad and mom". You could also say "by" and "out of". ie "This puppy is by Mike and out of Lucy".

Bitch simply means female dog and males are refereed to as "dogs". At a dog show the genders are separated into classes. Non-champion animals are referred to as "class animals" so if you entered a girl in a show that wasn't a champion yet she would be a "class bitch" and the males are "class dogs".

The word bitch has been made into an insult unfortunately. I work at a vet and referred to an intact female as a bitch and got reprimanded. It's a shame because it is the correct term! It's not a "bad word" in the dog fancy.

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This is a very common basenji issue! They get comfortable and don't want to be bothered. My brindle dog only does it when he's still delirious from sleep and "snaps out of it" when he realizes what's going on. Teaching a dog "OFF!" is very important! Do it when they are happy and awake and then move to sleepy and grumpy. On the couch, say OFF! and treat them when they get it right. It becomes a game. Both of my dogs know what "OFF!" means and listen to it. One of them will continue to grumble until he's fully awake and then he's back to his happy self.

I agree with Pat and the treats for crate time. When I leave for work I say "Who wants a treat?" and off they run to their kennels! I break out the good stuff for going to work time. At night I say night-night and in they go. This didn't happen overnight! It took my red boy months to like his crate. Lots of sleepless nights with a screaming puppy. I actually had to buy him a new one because I discovered he was scared of the all enclosed plastic crates. Now his perfect in his crate and goes in on his own to relax.

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I knew it would all work out! 🙂 He's adorable and probably related to my brindle boy.
Your girls are adorable too! He looks happy to have big sisters.

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SLOWLY!!! It's not always easy introducing two adult dogs and basenjis in particular can be a little rough. He has been your only do for 3 years and his "intruder alert" alarm is active. He wanted it and went for it. If she isn't in heat her being intact probably has little to do with the behavior but yes having her spayed is a good idea.

I would recommend feeding (including treats, especially REALLY good treats) be done separately. Do they have kennels? If not you can use baby gates or separate rooms. Feed them in their kennels, give them treats in their kennels, etc.

I have 3 boys and two are OK with each other going near food and respect the "GO AWAY" growl. My puppy is.. a puppy and ignores them and dives in. They don't appreciate it at all. Luckily no injuries have happened but puppy gets all food in his kennel. A quick "gone in a second" treat is fine but if it's a good chewy or something of "high value" there could be a battle.

Another thing they argue over are beds. Have many places for them to lay because right now they might not want to be snuggle buddies. That could never happen! They may learn to live in harmony but might not be best friends. We do our best but you can't fully change a dog's personality.

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I’m a firm believer that there is no such thing as a “1st time dog breed “. I grew up with golden retrievers but I personally have only owned basenjis. There really is no other breed for me! I can’t tell you how many people tried to talk me out of it. Get the dog that you want that fits your lifestyle!

They aren’t all escape artists that need a bunch of exercise. If you found a good breeder they will work with you and will find you the right dog for you and your family. I have three boys and while one does everything he can to find a way out of the yard to go chase more squirrels, I have another that wants nothing more than to be in the house on my lap. My oldest and youngest love to run and do doggy sports and my middle boy likes to be a show dog and hang out with me. Sight hounds like to go fast and then nap hard!

Good luck with your future pup!

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Yes of course!
Laurie Owen - Spring Willow
Becky Blansett - Epic
Tim Huff - Victory
Sue kite - Klassic

My parents have a little girl from Laurie and I think she may have an “out of season” litter. She is on Facebook and very nice. Always welcomes people into her home to see her dogs. :). She’s on Facebook, send her a message!

I don’t know that the others have any pups left this year or plans to breed til fall but they all have nice dogs!

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It depends on the cat just as much as it depends on the dog. Does your cat run "prey-like" when frightened? I have 2 cats that have lived with 3 different basenjis. My male cat and my first basenji were pals and often cuddled together. They would wrestle and when the dog got too unruly he'd (the cat) nip him to keep him in line. My female cat ran every time she saw my dog. She was fun to chase and like most basenjis: "thing move, I chase thing!" Cody never ever hurt them and recognized that they were part of his "pack" (for lack of a better term). Cat outside? FORGET IT! He never caught one but boy did he try!

My cats no longer live with my dogs (I moved and the cats stayed with my parents) and I know my female cat is much happier. Elliot my 3yr old is OK with my cats but Morgan my 1yr old chases them. Neither try to hurt them but the stress of being chased is a lot for a 15 year old cat to handle.


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Hypo literally means “less” so yes basenjis can be less allergic for people with allergies.

Welcome to the wonderful word of basenjis 🙂

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Elliot, my red dog, wags his tail every day. It's not a very fast wag and only does it when he's really happy. It's adorable! My first red did the same thing. The tiniest wag of happiness! Cody also "barooed" all the time.
My brindle dog Morgan only wags his tail when he's SUPER excited. When he meets people on walks or sees his breeder at a dog show. His tail helicopters when he sees his breeder!

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Short answer- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basenjis are hunters and most will do anything in their power to get to the critters in their environment. Mine spend most of their outdoor time looking for chipmunks that live under the shed. If you decided to get the hamster it will have to be kept in a room where the basenji can't go. I have and do keep basenjis and small animals in the same house but they aren't allowed near them. I don't think they even know I have the geckos and snake!

Some dogs are fine with small critters but I personally would not let them near each other. It's not worth the risk in my opinion. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye!

Also, rats make much better pets for kids than hamsters. 😉

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Welcome to the family! I have 2 Meisterhaus boys 🙂

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