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Hi there!

My Basenji Nzinga had heat in april and again now, in november. She is almost 4 years old and it is the first time she has two heat cycles in a year. What do you advise me? She is not castrated and not mated and I don't intendent to. Thank you and greetings from Brazil. Andrea Menezes

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Attached is a link to a short video of Ella and I doing our regular cross country ski lunch time walk. She starts to pick up a little speed about halfway through. To restate the obvious, she is missing one leg. Hopefully you will see that she gets around pretty good and we have a good time. I will try post another one later showing her going at top speed.

Ella is fantastic! What a shape! Congratulations. Wich vehicle were you using?

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Here is our newest addition, little miss Kaia 12 weeks, who got here on Friday from Meisterhaus. Things are going very well between her and Loki, there have been some "growing pains", but the bonding has gone much faster than I had anticipated. She is absolutely adorable, such a sweetheart, and completely mischievous! And so far quite the talker too. Loki is doing well with her, initiating play, laying next to her, and grooming. He can be too rough sometimes but she has no problem letting him know she's not happy! They are doing so well, able to share toys and chews, even chewing on one Nylabone at the same time.

This is just a small portion of the many photos I've taken since Friday. When I go through the videos I'll have to post one of those too 🙂

Hi Tana,

Miss Kaia is very likeble! It's great she and Loki are friends. Congratulations!

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Ayo is three years old today!!!!

Ayo, you are beautiful since you were a baby! Cute!

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I know I haven't posted for a long…a very long... time, but for those who remember us ~~ I am very sad to day to have to say that my sweet Jazzy was put down today :-(. She had had Fanconi for the last five years and had actually been doing well, so her vet and I were both surprised when she suddenly began exhibiting symptoms of anything being amiss on Tuesday. I was planning to take her in and have her checked because she had vomited a couple of times and had no real appetite {refused dog food, ate popcorn, but not with her usual enthusiasm}....
but this morning she was semi-comatose. Took her in first thing and all of her blood work was off the charts -- forgive me for not remember numbers at this time {except BUN was >130}....
Had a long talk with the vet and made the decision. I am still coming to grips with how quickly this happened. Jazz would have been 8 yrs old on January 12.

We still have Keoki, who suffers from pretty extreme separation anxiety, so the next several nights -- maybe weeks or months with him? -- will be interesting.

I'm really sorry. I could imagine you suffering. From 2007 to 2010, my five lovely dogs was died and I miss them everyday. So, God gave me Nzinga and we are building a great friendship…

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She's beautiful, what does her name mean ?

Hello and thank you!. I don't know exactly what her name means. It's the name of an african warrior queen from Angola. You can't believe, but my Nzinga looks like a queen.

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A mexican santa, a blind elf and a pissed off reindeer… Happy Holidays from the Gang! 🙂

Your guys are amazing. And your are a great photograher! Happy Holydays from Brazil. Andr?a and Nzinga

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She looks very sweet!


Nzinga is sweet but at the end of the day she's very very very unstoppble. Look another photos.
Grets from Brazil. Andr?a and Nzinga.

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she is Beautiful! I love Tri's

Hi M&M,

I love all Basenji's all colors. Enjoy more photos of Nzinga.
Greats from Brazil. Andr?a and Nzinga

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She is cute. How old is she?


Hi Jennifer,
Thank you.
She turned three in november, 25. She is nice, but many times I really don't understand her behavior . For example: she almost never shakes the tail when me or my husband arrive home, but when her vet come see her (rarely), sheshakes the tail a lot, overjoy . I'm brazilian. We live at Belo Horizonte. There are only three Basenjis in this city, one of these is Nzinga's mom. Sorry about my English. More photos of my dear friend.

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After three lovely Dacshunds and two adorable American Sataffordshire Terrier - all pasted away at long age - I found the enigmatic Nzinga Mbandi. She is amazing and make me very happy.

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Hi everyone, this is my baby girl, Nzinga Mbandi. She is amazing and a completely diferent dog. She suprise us all the time.

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