• I have a 2 year old Basenji. He has SEVERE separation anxiety. Ive tried Calming Tablets that are all natural. They don't work. Ive tried using Bark Off to distract him when he makes noise. He ignores it. I tried Pheromone collars and just about everything short of sedating him when I leave. I have to crate him when I leave because if I do not he gets upset when alone and will tear up everything (he's already destroyed my bathroom,my carpet near my doorways and chewed a hole in my computer chair). When crated he will howl super loud like a coyote. He digs at the crate and bangs around and makes all sort of noise. He's hurt his paws twice already. The pads of his paws had dried blood when I came home. I have a blanket in the crate and chewies to maybe give him something to do. He ignores them and or shreds the blanket.

    My apartment landlord and upstairs neighbor are tired of it and have threatened me with having to give my dog up. I dont want to but don't know how to calm him when I leave. I had to modify his crate so he couldn't escape. He figured out how to escape already.

    He gets exercise daily. I walk him for an hr in the morning before it gets hot, a few times during the day for potty breaks and at night when its cool he gets walked for an hr or so. He also gets trips to the dog park and gets played with and chased around the apartment which he loves. I have a work at home job and he's only crated for an hr or 2 every other day if that whenever I go shopping or out with my boyfriend. So please dont think he is crated ALL day because he is not. I cannot get another dog because pet deposits are $450 PER dog. Please help so I don't lose my baby.

  • Thank you Kipawa! Ill look at them right now! 🙂 I want to fix everything with him sooo badly. He's my baby and I love him so much and don't want to lose him.

  • It really sounds like you need to consult a veterinary behaviorist. You need someone who can not only develop a behavior modification plan but also evaluate whether Anubis may also need medication to help make the modification plan effective.

  • I will concur with Lisa. See a CAAB or a veterinary behaviorist so that your dog can be evaluated and possibly put on medication.

    SepAnx is simple to treat, but by no means easy. The sad fact is that many dog owners do not have the time or financial means to handle it because step one is to stop reinforcing his fear. That means that during treatment, the dog cannot be left alone. This means that when you go out, you'll need someone to stay with him.

    Please at least consult a good local trainer who can give you a training plan to get started on and who can evaluate whether or not drugs are warranted.

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