• Finally Saw my first SET of Basenjis here in Kapolei Hawaii!!!!! I was driving by the high school right by my house when a Silver Truck pulled up next to me at a light with not one, but TWOOOOOOO Red and White Basenjis in the back of the truck! Of course, I, well… I kinda freaking and started beeping my horn and they gave me the weirdest look, but when they rolled down the window and I explained that I too was a B owner, they were as excited as I was!! I am hoping to make some new B friends around here!!!! TOO Stoked to have seen a third now in the Ewa/Kapolei area and ALL RED AND WHITES :))))) Guess Hawaii is kinda cool after all LOL

  • Very cool! Hope you make friends and post pics of meetups!:)

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