• This book I read he suggested making your dog "work" for food. Apparently it's more satisfying for the dog, since they usually will have to hunt for food in the wild.
    Just giving them food with no work done, could quickly lead to spoiled dogs. And them expecting to get "handouts" for no reason. This made good sense to me, since I do award him with treats while training why not do the same with meals?

    So, for the last month or so I followed this advise, and one of these tips was feeding meals only after walks.

    Now Gizmo did not like this in the beginning. I would prepare the food (measure and add water), and then go to the door calling him over. He would sit in the kitchen sniffing the air to where the food was on the table…tempting him. He would try the "poor me" cry, and stand up to get to the food.
    But I just stood at the doorway waiting. Eventually he would come.

    So this has been going on for around 1 month. Until the middle of last week. Now, when I open the food-bucket, measure the food, and add the water, instead of spinning in circles next to my feet, Gizmo goes over to the door and waits for me!

    The fist time I was shocked! He sat there very gentlemen like, letting me put on the leash.
    This must be a fluke I thought, but this behavior has been going strong now for 1 week.

    And I have to say he seems more satisfied over his meal after eating. He always comes over to me after eating, as if to say "thank you". I give him a quick little cuddle while asking "was that good?" (as if he would answer me).

    Also he is more calm after eating, instead of going "hyper" and wanting to play, he now lays down and relaxes with a bone, or just sleeps. Which is good, since activity after eating is not good for the dogs stomach.

  • I have always walked/exercised my Basenjis first because it's better for the digestion. I walk Buddy for 30 minutes right away when we get up then we eat breakfast. At night when I get home we go for a 1 hour walk then dinner when we get back. Same goes with people to exercise before eating or at least waiting for a few hours after. The body uses it's energy to digest so it's better to relax.

  • Houston

    I try to walk all of our dogs before brealfast, but if we don't get out, because of rain or whatever..then we play, or run around in the house…then we eat..Same goes for dinner. The all get one individual 30 min walk, minimum, a day.

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