World Show, Bratislava


Actually 61 B's. 72 was enetered but 11 didn't arrive. Some females have been in season etc…

Oke, 61 also is a big ammount!

I am finally here again after 4 days at show. Mody didn?t do very well. At WDS she got Very Good:(, I can?t understand why 😕as I think she is really not only Very Good, even if fwe much worse bitches got Excellent. I was much more confused, cause the arrogant judge told me she has the cutest face he has ever seen. Never mind, it happend. Next day on the same place at National Dog Show she received Excellent 4 and she beated Junior WW from the day before:)
I add some pics from Modys appearence on the show.
in the ring:

out of the ring:

yes, she has the cutest face:)


I agree with you, she does have the cutest face…unless Otis is on the room, then he has the cutest
I can't believe it, so sorry it didn't go better..but at least she did better the next day..
I really have a liking for those Elegant Elephant B's..

She is very pretty.

Thank you, I think the same:)

That last pic of Mody…... So cute.. Still a puppy 🙂 She's very pretty. I'm sorry she 'only' got a VG.. Congrats with the Excellent 4 though 😉 🙂

She is very nice young girl 🙂 Petra ,maybe you know all results of the second day ?

I only remember few ersults, that BOB was Jasiri Sukarii Vermillion, but Tina has written all the results, you should ask her.

Results of the second day

males, junior
Aaron Adenike Belongo – V1, JCAC
Shen De Lux Master Of My Heart – V2

Tim Spirit Silver Rain – V1, CAC

M Wami's american Frotune Hunter – V3
Wakili Signet Gianni VErsace- V1 CAC
Wazazi High Priority – V2, res. CAC

Dream Of Africa Kambulo – abs.
Georg Glamur Hanaček – V1 CAC
VErtigo Of Swala Pala – abs.

Elegant Elephant Happines Mod – V4
Kimwitu's Dancingqueen Angel Congo – V1, JCAC
Lis Glamur Glad To Meet You – V2
Shen De Lux My Lollipap – V
Tim Spirit Aldjeba – V3

Dancing Queen Of Swala Pala – V1, CAC

Angel Congo Aisha Aidzhia – V2, res. CAC
Bambou of Swala Pala – V1, CAC
Faraoland Superlativa – V3

Bulldobas Top Totty – V3
Gabriella Etual Hanaček – V
Jasiri Sukari Vermillion – V1, CAC, BOB
Rus Ahmars Rapsodia To Tim Spirit – V2, res.CAC
Sharon of Swala Pala – abs.

Who was the judge?

Boris Špoljarič, Croatia.

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