• Hi, I joined about 2 years ago but this is my first post - so excuse the lack of experience in this thread. I joined basenjiforum mainly so I could find a good home for this sweet little girl- but after spending more time with her I knew I could not place her until I knew she was healthy and as ready as she could be for a permanent home. Honestly, it breaks my heart to have to find her another home, after 2 weeks I loved her - so you imagine 2 years. But she wants to be the only girl. Who could blame her, all the girls of her past were mean to her and for the first time she gets loved on. She loves the boys and is the beta in the 'boys club'. So, if you are looking for a companion for your male (only companion, no breeding) and understand she will not be the kind of girl that is going to love on you without you 'wooing' her first- due to unkind humans in the past, then you will fall in love with her too. She is best outdoors, she gets nervous and has accidents. But she likes to come in for family time in front of fireplace and tv. Please, if you or someone you know, can provide her with a 'boys' only basenji club, let me know.

  • Have you listed her with BRAT, they do a wonderful job rehoming basenjis.

  • No, I have not. And Yes, they are Fantastic! I got my first girl thru BRAT and suggest them a lot to people who want a basenji. She is going to be difficult to place due to her particular needs. The person who gets her will have to provide better home environment than I can or I will continue to pray for the right place. Made a personal promise to myself and Her. But any help BRAT sends my way, will be greatly appreciated.

  • I am a BRAT worker and we do find the right home for the dogs we rehome.
    So, with the folks who are on our waiting list, it would be a good thing for you to contact the web site. Just my advice.
    I myself have rehomed a blind basenji and a deaf one. So, we will find a home for your girl.

  • I will definitely consider. I just feel more of a responsiblity to her than the other dogs I have rescued. Probabley because I want to keep her because I love her so much. But I need to do what is best for her in the long run. I just want to be the one who decides where she goes, personally inspect their home a couple of times, and then be able to check on her. Plus, if it doesn't work out, I can go get her myself and bring her back home. But I am open to changing my way of thoughts on this. D

  • Well, BRAT doesn't work like that. However, I myself, try to keep the new owners and old owners in contact, if the new owners wish.
    Some want to become good friends with the old owners, some new owners will send an update and photos, now and again.
    But it will be up to BRAT's coordinator on how they handle it.
    If you decide to sign her over to BRAT, I can assure you that we will do right by your basenji, you and the new home she goes to.
    As you have been part of our adoption process in the past, you know how we work.
    Think about it.
    We have saved many dogs, some with major issues, and found the right home for them.

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