• well its pronounced 'Ve-esh-a' but i like how you've come up with 'veesha' if you like it you can certaintly have it when i was a kid i use to call one of my toy dogs veisha i know im strange haha but its such a pretty name 🙂

    yes it is killing me, even worse that im going up to Sydney again this weekend and wont be able to see him 😞 i wanted to take him last weekend maybe i can try and talk my boyfriend around to letting us get him in 2 weeks the only only reason is we are living at his mothers while our place is being built and we dont want to put her out too much by having a puppy but i think i will try and talk him round probably wont work though
    we were told we were suppose to be in before September i just hope they stick by it.

    Im almost at the point where im done reading i just want to experience the real thing haha

  • Oh, you could be sooooooooo regretting that last sentence, VERY soon :p:p

    So you wouldnt mind it if I stole that name from you, really ??? It is a really gorgeous name… I guess the next step is to wait till we meet her, and see if it suits her... I really like Vita, that Basenjimamma just suggested too... Im so confused !!!

    Good luck with trying to convince your boyfriend, I hope for your sake it does work for you :):). It will be hard to be in Sydney, this weekend, and not have that detour to Kylies, hey !!!

    Good luck with getting into your home as soon as possible, I dont envy you, all the moving etc, etc 😉

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