Squirrel, Interrupted

My mother says basenjis go with any decor. I suppose she is right! This is Curie, looking askance at me for interrupting her important squirrel watching. I will post a picture of Will soon; he's still nervous about the camera, so none of the pictures of him actually include, well, him. (He dashes out of the frame.)


Where in Virginia are you? Great to see another Virginia person, I am in Chesapeake.

Cute pillow you have on top of the chair!


Yeah, she's a wiggly little pillow :).

I'm up in Centreville, which is in Fairfax County (the DC suburbs, in other words.)

We're the only basenjis we see around here. One time a couple of teenaged boys asked me if Curie was a FOX!

ChaseandZahrasmom, I go to Ches. all the time, I live in Eliz. City, NC. My doctor, dentist and my favorite shopping is in VA. I go there at least 3 times a month, I have appts. there this week. We should get our babies together some time, there is only 1 other B in Eliz. City. I think it would be great if we could do this. What do u think?:D


Definetly! The only day I am not free is Wednesday evening. There is a couple great dog parks here.

I don't know how the private contacting thing works on here, contact me and we can exchange information.

Have you been to Care a Lot Pet Supply in Virginia Beach? Where do you like to shop while you are up here?


What did B tear up in your Avator (I think that is what they are called) photo?


A Scrabble board!

Scrabble is another obsession of mine (I'm a tournament player), so it seems fitting to use this picture as my avatar.

I swear she tries to figure out how to play:

She definitely hits the buttons on the clock. They're timed games.

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