• My mother says basenjis go with any decor. I suppose she is right! This is Curie, looking askance at me for interrupting her important squirrel watching. I will post a picture of Will soon; he's still nervous about the camera, so none of the pictures of him actually include, well, him. (He dashes out of the frame.)

  • Listeme,

    Where in Virginia are you? Great to see another Virginia person, I am in Chesapeake.

    Cute pillow you have on top of the chair!


  • Yeah, she's a wiggly little pillow :).

    I'm up in Centreville, which is in Fairfax County (the DC suburbs, in other words.)

    We're the only basenjis we see around here. One time a couple of teenaged boys asked me if Curie was a FOX!

  • ChaseandZahrasmom, I go to Ches. all the time, I live in Eliz. City, NC. My doctor, dentist and my favorite shopping is in VA. I go there at least 3 times a month, I have appts. there this week. We should get our babies together some time, there is only 1 other B in Eliz. City. I think it would be great if we could do this. What do u think?:D

  • Youngandtired

    Definetly! The only day I am not free is Wednesday evening. There is a couple great dog parks here.

    I don't know how the private contacting thing works on here, contact me and we can exchange information.

    Have you been to Care a Lot Pet Supply in Virginia Beach? Where do you like to shop while you are up here?


    What did B tear up in your Avator (I think that is what they are called) photo?


  • A Scrabble board!

    Scrabble is another obsession of mine (I'm a tournament player), so it seems fitting to use this picture as my avatar.

    I swear she tries to figure out how to play:

    She definitely hits the buttons on the clock. They're timed games.

  • ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā Fantastic dog !!!

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