Hello from Poland

My name is Anna. I live in Poland and I've had a dog that I'm pretty sure is a Basenji and I would like to share my story.
I stayed in Egypt for sometime and while I was there I recieved a 2-week old puppy from a friend, who had found two in a dumpster. I've never had a dog before so, needless to say, I was overwhelemed with the constant care the dog required. I named him Rocky and in the first 2 weeks I was a frequent visitor at the local vet's office. He was really helpful (he was a very kind man and I was lucky, because his English was very good too).
When I was ready to return home I bought two plane tickets and now have Rocky here, in Poland.
I did a lot of research to find out what breed he was and, since he was found, I have no papers that would confirm it, but I think it is a Basenji, not only because of the way he looks but also because of the characteristic behaviour: the constant grooming like a cat, the fact that hes has completely no odour and, finally, the vivacious personality, not to say dominating. He is adorable in many ways and I am fortunate to have him as my companion.
Anna M.

Would love to see bigger picture… May be part Basenji.....

Yes, i do have plenty of pictures and I've posted many on the (search: anita_carina72)


Very cute and welcome to the boards. Might be B mix….. there are many what at called village dogs that are a combo of many different breeds... and I would think that is what you have.... but you are still most welcome to the forum... and sharing stories about your boy

He certainly looks like he could be a basenji-mix, he is very cute! Welcome to the Forum! We have several basenji-mixes in our local dog park group, they are so funny, they all act purely basenji.

Anne in Tampa, FL

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