• 🙂 We are proud to present our two wonderful litters out of artificial insemination!:)

    D-Litter: Dojo, Demian, Draco, Dorian, Desideria Zuri, Daria and Decus
    E-Litter: Enya 😃

    Petra and Steve

  • OMG, sooooo cute, soooo cute. I want the little brindle one with the spot in the white…:D so cute!!!!! The little one that is barely brindled is super cute as well...heck who am I kidding, they all are!!!!!!


    Hey, I have a question, had you ever done the AI process before, or was this your first time?

  • It was the first time. We live in Germany, the sires at SunDiata in Arizona. 🙂

  • Congratulation they are all very beautiful

  • Congrats to everyone! Puppies are too darn cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

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