• There is a lost Red/White Basenji female in St. Petersburg Russia. She is safe right now. She has a microchip that was never registered. I think the dog may have been bred in Hungary in 2007 and relocated to Russia. Would anyone here know of any breeders in Hungary that might be able to help out? She has a tattoo that says 3232 and the last digit is hard to read. It may be a 7. I would appreciate any help!

  • I see this is the one already posted. Good luck in finding her owners. I wonder if there is a basenji rescue or local shelters or anyone in the area that could be contacted in case the owners have contacted them?

  • From what I've gathered, the dog is in a Basenji experienced home and she can stay there as long as she has to. The people that are caring for the dog have contacted know breeders in the area and have placed ads in the newspaper and online. Members from BRaT and Basenji Club of America have this cross posted. There are a lot of people, local and internationally, trying to help this Basenji girl find her way home.

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