I've been questioning since we've gotten Olivia what kind of dogs she is. After some online digging. I'm thinking she is a Basenji mix. She has many of the breeds characteristics. She is 6 months old and about 32 lbs. She is very stubborn, needs tons of exercise, intelligent, escape artist, doesn't bark often, but has a low growl if concerned and whine or screeches when yawning. Her ears lay flat majority or the time but will stick up straight when alert and intrigued. Her tail is curved and sits high but not furry or a full curve in a circle. She sit like a basenji and has the long neck. She is mouthy and resilient in her ways. She is also funny and playful. 1_1478778895176_image.jpeg 0_1478778895175_image.jpeg

Sounds a good one! Could be basenji x pitbull. Enjoy...

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