• Yeap . I laugh because I complain about him driving me crazy when he is awake and now I'm like why is he sleeping.

  • O.k so I'm back with other issues….The first one (for today) is that my dog has been starting to eat grass. Although he has no symptoms, no diarrhea, vomiting, I heard that if they eat grass it's because they have a tummy ache..is this true? Also he dosen't chew on just any grass, he sniffs around until he finds the "good" grass. O.k now for the second ?...my B has started to grow spots. He has them all over his belly and now are coming out on his neck area. They are brown spots (like a dalmation) and are only on the white colored area of his coat. Should I take him to the vet or does anyone else's B also have spots?

  • My dogs eat grass, and always have. Keoki is particularly particular about which blades of grass he will eat. It does not mean your dog is ill.

    What do you mean by "spots"? Is it the hair that is changing color, or the skin underneath…like big freckles? My B's have spots of black colored skin under the white hair. {maybe under the red too, but I can't see those, LOL} Theirs are only on the legs and belly, though, I can't imagine location makes a big difference.

  • No it's spots, like a dalmation's, perfectly brown. Yes like freckles

  • Most Bs that have white on them have spots..as a matter of fact the Basenji club we belong to has a contest each year on who's got the most spots & the strangest LOL 😃

    My dogs are eating grass too…they don't know any better lol! And sometimes they will make themselves vomit when they've had too much...little buggers! 😃

  • Do they get more spots with age? I was noticing int lots of the pics posted that they have freckles. I was thinking some might be "age spots" like humans sometimes get. Does anyone know? Nala has some freckles, but I was wondering if she was going to ge more…

  • That's great to hear. Thanks so much for the reply.

  • Dash has several spots and occasionally eats grass. I think they just like to eat it.

  • Now we have soething alike my B and I. We say at home he has my husbands forehead (my H likes to frown when he's in deep thought), my daughter's ears (she dosen't find that one funny) and now he has freckles like his mom..lol

  • luzmery, if you basenji is shaking there are a lot of things it could be….it was one of my signs that my basenji suffered from IPSID along with another disease.

    she appeared to shiver like after a bath for no apparent reason. this was her way of dealing with pain. if yours does this, try feeding your basenji boiled chicken for a while and see if it stops. it is a good way to rule out the dog food.

    eating grass can mean an upset stomach. my girl ate grass to make herself throw up because she had the above mentioned problem.

    My boy b ate grass because other animals peed on the grass and it must taste great. eating grass is bad because it can transmit giardia which is an intestinal parasite that causes diahrea. both of my basenjis have had it and meds can fix it.

    super easy to catch from dog parks, stray cats, dog walks....standing water outside.....mine always get it from eating grass...

    a doctor can take a sample of the poop to test for it giardia.

    shoot, it could be the AC...my basenjis are very temp sensitive....love it hot, hate it cold....

    hope that helps a bit.....

  • Thanks Basenji boy but no ac yet and the chicken, well our B is allergic so we give him ivd-rabbit. Yeah it's like the shakes after a bath, dosne't last long abount a few minutes and he usually does this when he's laying down.

  • rabbit….interesting!

  • Yeah I can't believe he's allergic to chicken.

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