Wanted: Besenji puppy or mix with known parents

  • Wanted : Besenji puppy or mix with known parents

    I would like locate a Besenji or confirmed Besenji mix puppy. I am in Missouri but will travel for a known reliable breeder that can prove they have bred responsibly. Not looking for potential show winner, just a healthy puppy.

  • Go to a responible breeder, mixes are not from responsible breeders and you would never know any health issues and they would not be from "confirmed" Basenji parents, depending on what they are mixed with you have health issues from both sides, would not be the same for a purebred Basenji. (by the way, it is Basenji). Go to www.basenji.org to find a responsible breeder. They are listed by state.
    You should always check out health testing made public at www.offa.org. Just need registered names of the sire/dam or their registration numbers. Make sure that DNA testing has been done for Fanconi and PRA as these are late onset health issues. Other testing that should be done are Hips, Thyroid and Eye Exams by a board certified Ophth. Just don't take someones word that health testing has been done

  • One of my boys is from Jan Kahl of Jadaka Basenjis and she is located in MO. She is a responsible breeder and does all necessary health testing. She's also a very nice and helpful person! I'm very happy with my Morgan.

    Most basenjis have been placed this year (most are born Oct-Jan with the odd summer litter here and there) so it would be a good idea to get on some waiting lists for this coming season. Like Pat said, do your research and check out the breeder before you decide. If they are hiding something, move along.

  • Thanks for the helpful replies. On the spelling, sorry. I noticed it right after I posted but couldn't figure out a way to edit on this forum. The advice is all much appreciated. The point on getting on the wait list is particularly helpful.

  • One last note on the Basenji mix, I became acquainted with the breed originally from a neighbor that has a Basenji / Shepard mix. It has the greatest combination of traits of both breeds. I am 46 years old and have had several breeds over my lifetime and never have been so impressed as I am with my neighbor's dog. It is now 11 years old and still going strong with no health issues. I know there are no guarantees with mixed breeds but if I go that route knowing about the parents certainly helps. My neighbor's dog resulted from a friend's pets, Basenji and Shepard... not a breeder.

  • @terryjm1 Honestly, you will not find anyone on this forum that is a breeder of a Mix.... mixes are considered an accident and should not happen...in my opinion so you might want to consider going to www.basenjirescue.org and they have a link to available possible mixes. You will not find responsible breeders here that would consider breeding mixes. With mixes, unless both parents are fully health testing you would never know any health issues and if they are, still the genes could combine to other genetic issues...

  • Pat, thanks again for the tips. I would only adopt a mix if it resulted from an "accident" like my neighbor's dog. If I came across such a mix, I would not rule it out but expect I will do exactly as you suggest.

  • I second the suggestion to check with www.basenjirescue.org if you're open to an older dog or want to see what mixes might need homes. Going with a responsible breeder will be safer for you as far as health is concerned, but there's something to be said for rescuing as well if you're interested in it.

  • I am one of BRAT's Basenji mix coordinators. Most of the Basenji mixes I come across are probably not that Basenji, but some of them definitely are. Of course most are not from known parentage. This dog is currently on the BRAT adoption site, I'd say that she's a fairly high mix: http://www.basenjirescue.org/DOGS-MIXES/MS/MS-Bebe.asp

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