Hello everyone
Basenji Mix

Hi everyone,
My name's Melissa, and I live in Baltimore, MD, USA. I own a bookstore. About a year ago, we adopted our dog Beasley from a local shelter. We think he's a Basenji-Jack Russell mix. Thankfully, he doesn't seem inclined to destroy glasses or carpeting, just his squeaky toys-frequently, I'll emerge from the back room to find the innards of his latest toy scattered around the dining and living room, looking like snowman droppings.

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Yes, we seem to have snowman droppings no matter the season here, Kaiser has a very special technique to his de-stuffing it is interesting to watch(naughty me), a lot of nose work is used. Am now only buying unstuffed toys so they last longer and durable chews, he recently got a deer antler and it is lasting nicely. Love the name Beasley, would love to see what a Beasley looks like. Enjoy your pup.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Welcome. Yeah destuffing is a fave activity with many of our guys. Please share a picture of your dog! What about him makes you think he is a basenji mix?

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