Severe PPM

I am buying a 4 month old puppy with PPM and it is bad enough that he has a cloudy blue eye. It is from a reputable breeder and the eye doc says both eyes are visual and should improve with age. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has had a dog with blue eyes as a puppy. He has iris to iris, iris to cornea, mad iris sheets, especially in the one eye. I just don't know what problems could pop up down the road and wonder if anyone else has any experience with adult dogs who once were as severe as this one.

I have also no experience with serve PPM.

One of my Basenjis has always had issues with vomiting and seems sensitive to food coloring and food with beef in it. You might need to play with his food some to see if it is better, assuming the vet doesn't find an obstruction. We also find that feeding them twice a day helped mine keep her food down.

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