Ingrown hairs?

Help ! It seems like my girl has developed a few spots , looks all over and super close up magnifying glass and iphone flashlight and yup it's a In grown hair !?, and some dandruff by the looks of it ?, what can I do to solve this problem ? Anything over the counter I can use ? Or is it an issue for the vet ? Or is it due to giving her blue buffalo now instead of Now Fresh ? The higher protein have something to do with it ?? Or could I have caused it by not washing out the shampoo properly ??, I just noticed them yesterday and today and her bath was 3 days ago

I have never had ingrown hairs caused by food… are they like little pimples? All of mine have gotten them every now and again. I just "pop" them and put a little antibotic cream on them

All dogs have dander...

They look like little white heads really , too her to the vet she got her DHPP and the vet had a good look at it
Told me to just leave them be and not bath her for a week and see if they clear up and when I do bath her to use a hypoallergenic shampoo and rinse (vet office had it -can't remember the name ) was also told about hills advantage for food option once her current one is done
(Could be a food allergy -but then it would be all over the skin) also got some
K9 Advantage multi 😉

Are you bathing her once a week? Unless she is rolling in yucky stuff or there are human allergy issues, I would say maybe too many baths regardless of the white heads… again.. all of my basenjis for 20+ years have gotten them off and on, some more than others... kind of like us humans with pimples...

No I'm not this is the first bath she's had ever, but the vet told me to shampoo her after a week and use a rinse too, just to see if that helps , also to keep the coat from drying out .

I would be very surprised if from a shampoo..but again, IMO… not something to really worry about unless she starts "worrying" the spots...

Vet pretty much said the same , if it gets worse or she starts itching at them or other symptoms then take her back

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