NEW ORLEANS- Action Alert

**NEW ORLEANS Action Alert: proposal submitted by the Louisiana SPCA (504) 368-5191 to change the annual rabies requirement in New Orleans Municipal Code Chapter 18 to 3 years with the following language: Sec. 18-168. "The owner or keeper of every dog or cat between three and four months old shall, at his expense, have such dog or cat vaccinated by a Louisiana-licensed veterinarian with rabies vaccine. Twelve months later, the animal shall be revaccinated. Thereafter such dog or cat shall be revaccinated every 36 months ….."

**What You Can Do to Help: Please contact City Council President Stacy Head (504) 658-1060 and Council Member Susan Guidry (504) 658-1010 to ask them to support the change to 3 years, or attend one of the two following meetings:

Wednesday 10/24/12 City Council Chambers 6pm-8pm
Thursday, 11/01/12 Lousiana SPCA 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd


NEW ORLEANS 3/7/13 City Council Passes Ordinance to Reduce Rabies Vaccinations from Annually to Once Every 3 Years

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