• We've had Mr Baroo for almost 3 years now and the whole time we have been curious as to what his ancestry was, as he was originally listed as a Basenji mix. Although he looked like a pb B, Karin has said that because of his very muscular build and really short soft coat she thought he might have some Am Staf Terrier back there somewhere. I, on the other hand kept saying that traits of a full blooded basenji, from markingd, to size and a very pronounced baroo, has never barked. Soooo, to make a long story short I finally had his DNA checked and received the report on his ancestry, the test only went back 4 generations and showed that he was 100% B. We, both Karin and I just about fell over when we read that, so instead of 2 B's and a mix we have 3 total B's. So much for taking a pig in a poke when you adopt rescues.

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