I once had the receptionist at the vets where I go (we were arguing about sedation for an OFFA x-ray, I refused, she said I HAD to) tell me that if I didn't like it to go somewhere else. I called the vet directly and told him what she said to me, and informed him that I would take my five dogs and (at that time) 3 cats and he would lose all my business. I stated HE was the vet and if that decision about the sedation was further required, he would be the one to make it or tell me to go elsewhere. (I liked the vet by the way, he's good with the animals, listens to what I have to say, gives me his opinion and is willing to work with me and learn) Funny how nice she became to me after that. We get along great now.

While the receptionist may be frontline and know what is going on, she/he is not a vet and doesn't know what is going on with your animal-only you do. I don't think anyone needs to worry what the frontline staff thinks or does, as long as the vet knows. Leave it to the vet to talk to his staff. But, since you weren't thrilled with the vet either, I would find another one. Just becuase a vet knows a certain breed, doesn't mean they are always good either. This one had never treated a basenji before, but he had a willingness to learn about them when I first came to him. So now, he not only has mine, he also has a fellow breeders to deal with and she has over 10. Just willing to learn and being good expanded his client base. It's a smart man/woman who realizes this.