Article mentioning Dr. Dodds

Here is an article on DNA and Diet from Dog Fancy-Natural Dog. NutriScan and Dr. Dodds are mentioned in the article. NutriScan is a genetics-based test that measures IgA and IgM antibodies in saliva, which are produced by the body in reaction to long- term intolerance of certain foods.

I'm just reading it now, but thought I would get the link up for you guys to check out.

I ordered a test kit for Nemo since he was having what looked like a bad case of inflammatory bowel disease. I had suspicions of some food intolerances and I was going to trial this test to see if it came back with results which were consistent with what I observed. For instance he has always had issues with chicken so I was curious if it would indicate an intolerance. Unfortunately the full panel wasn't available until February and I got the test kit at a point where he was too ill for the test to be of any real use, so I never used it. So, I will be curious to see if it is worth the expense in the future. As much of a pain as food issues are, it would be worth the money for me if it actually works.

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