Help for Tornado Ravaged Shelters in KY-Non B

  • Here is an e-mail I received. They are accepting donations. If you know of any rescue groups that could pull dogs or know of someone that would want to adopt a dog, please have them contact the people listed in the e-mail. There is also a Facebook page listed.
    CRISIS IN KENTUCKY!! - Tornado Impacted Shelters Need Help! - CROSS-POST!
    ; From: Trish M
    Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2012 10:50 AM
    To: Menifee County Animal Shelter; Renee Nichols;;;;; RaS
    CRISIS! KY Tornado-Impacted Shelters Need Help! CROSSPOST!
    Please cross-post widely & network on Facebook!! NO CraigsList please.
    Please read the entire post. 3 counties are included in here.
    Best things to do right now: Send donations, and pull dogs from all 3 counties into your rescue. Communication may be sporadic. Cell phones may die and not be able to be recharged due to power outages. Please be patient if this happens. They will likely be inundated with emails once this gets spread around. Roads may be blocked. If you plan to go there to pull dogs, try to speak to someone in the county by phone to check on road conditions before you go.
    Kentucky counties hard hit by the tornadoes and seeking assistance:
    Morgan County KY:
    Donations can be sent to:
    Helping Hands for Animals, PO Box 309 , West Liberty , KY 41472
    Menifee County KY:
    PayPal here:
    Please designate the donation for either Menifee or Morgan County ...see explanation below.
    Mail checks to: Menifee County AS, PO Box 75 , Frenchburg , KY 40322
    There is a Chip-In for transport on the homepage of the STAR site:
    This is to move STAR current dogs out to rescues, in order to make room to intake Morgan dogs into STAR.
    See pleas for assistance below. Renee & Julia are writing this on the fly as everyone's scrambling to help down there. STAR in Morehead KY is also trying to move their current dogs out to rescues in order to make more room to intake some of the Morgan County dogs. STAR info is at the bottom of this email.
    Menifee County AS in Frenchburg KY :
    Renee Nichols & Diana McGuire - (at
    & (at
    Renee on facebook (will be posting animals on there):
    On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 9:26 AM, Renee Nichols

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