MN-Brainerd-10 Month Old PB Brindle Male-On Craigslist

This boy needs a home and it states that there is a $75 rehoming fee. Supposedly needs room to run! Brainerd is approximately 130 miles NW of Minneapolis. I have not contacted the owner.

Here is the ad:

I wish these people would contact the breeder or perhaps the breeders are all BYBs or Commercial Breeders who will not take back their dogs!


Oh, i should not have looked. he's a lovely rich dark brindle, much like my Diggie dog. Of course I got Digital at 10 months and he's been the most perfect dog.<sigh>

It does look like this boy has his dewclaws so it is probably he came from a less that great breeder.</sigh>

Just the way the guy is holding him, I'd guess he needs training (like all dogs) and that's why the people don't want him anymore.
I wish I had the time and space to take in more.

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