ND-Fargo-PB 4 Yr. Old Black & White Male-In Rescue

  • This boy is in a private rescue in Fargo, ND. There is information about him from the foster on his Petfinder page. Fargo is not real close to any major city but is approximately 225 miles away from Minneapolis, MN, Sioux Falls, SD, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have not contacted the rescue recently to see if he is still available.

    Here is his Petfinder page:



  • Oh he is a cutie.

  • He's been there awhile too, and I'm kinda in the market for a black & white, hmm…

  • Go for it Joanne! He's closer to you than to me, and I just got a black and white last year (Chipley). I did look at this guy, but I'm "full".

    You need a B/W!

  • He is very elegant looking in that tuxedo black coat. Absolutely, scoop him up, Joanne! ND is no place to be homeless.

    I SO want another B, but Spencer wouldn't accept another male. It's a guy thing. 🙂

  • Hey you guys, I really don't need to be getting encouragement like this! 😉 The timing might not be good right now, there are a couple oldies here, it wouldn't be fair to them.

  • It is hard with elders on the house… some will accept an addition... some are packed to tightly to do so..... And I ageee, been there done that and returned a puppy to co-own with the breeder because my Elders were NOT impressed and it was not fair to them or the puppy....

  • Remember this guy? No, he's not coming here <too bad="">but he has just been released to BRAT and he is on his way to Minneapolis tonight. I got a look at his rescue form, he has a very good resume, and he's just a little guy! And get this, his previous owner surrendered him 5 days before Christmas <some people="">and he's basically been in a boarding kennel since then. I'm happy he's sleeping in someone's home tonight!</some></too>

  • I am glad this boy is going to BRAT! I hope he is still socialized even after being kenneled that long.

    I do not understand why non specific breed rescues take in dogs and then leave them kenneled for months! I understand temporary kenneling until one can find a foster home but for months. I have read about this happening too many times and I did not realize how often this occurs. I monitor the Urgent Part 2-Urgent Death Row Dogs Facebook page which monitors the NYCACC shelters and I have seen dogs posted on its site where a dog has been rescued from the shelter and then sits in a kennel for months. I know people want to save dogs but it is expensive for kenneling and this is how rescues become hoarders! There is also an all breed rescue group in IN that solicits funds to pay for boarding.


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