Help finding Rasta- r/w 7 yr F, South Florida

  • I'm appealing to my fellow Floridian basenji lovers to help find Rasta.

    Sandra put an ad on Craig's List to re-home her 7 year old red/white basenji, Rasta. I sent her an email suggesting BRAT, but by the time she got my message, Rasta was already adopted to a home.

    Sandra sent me this message this morning:

    I adopted our Basenji out and the new owner decided she did not want her. So, I gave the new owner phone numbers of other people who had called on our dog and also told her about BRAT. I just spoke to the the lady we adopted Rasta to and she said she called BRAT and someone picked up the dog this morning. (Today, SUNDAY, 6/26). Can you tell if that is in fact true, we live in Cooper City, Florida and the new owner who said she gave the dog to BRAT lives in Davie, FL.

    I would appreciate it if you can let me know if you know anything about Rasta's adoption through BRAT. We just got the phone call yesterday from the new owner that they could not keep Rasta and then this morning when I called her she said BRAT picked up the dog this morning. It seems rather fast to me and I am so afraid they brought her to the human society. The lady's name is Ali Gomez who said she gave the dog to BRAT this morning, Sunday, June 26th.

    Me and my fiancee have spent the whole morning going to shelters to see if she was there. I am ready to cry. I should have taken her back. The woman who adopted her told us she worked but was home by 3 every day and then said she worked from 7-5. Rasta was yodeling because she was home alone and this woman lived in an apt. And people were complaining. Thanks so much for your help. I need to know where she is.

    MacPack has already contacted BRAT to see if they have any knowledge, but if anyone in Florida can help Sandra find her Rasta, she is trying to find her! We all have 20/20 hindsight, and Sandra wishes she had made different decisions yesterday, but right now, the focus is on finding Rasta.

    Hopes for a happy ending… Patty

  • Just learned that she was in fact picked up by a BRAT person today, she is a nice dog and in good hands. The original owner has been informed and is Ok with everything.

  • thanks for the update!

  • Thanks, Anne, for updating everyone! I'm so relieved that Rasta is now in the caring hands of BRAT, and I'm very impressed at the speed of these loving volunteers! 🙂 (Both in rescuing Rasta, and in letting Sandra know that she is safe)…

    I hope Rasta finds a new forever home.

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