• Cairo joined our home at 8 weeks old. He was very similar to a baby with his development. He only was introduced to the living room, all other doors were shut….and he began to explore.

    At first the room was too large for him and he struggled to find his puppy training pad in time during all of his oral explorations....

    I believe that at this age he really couldnt see anything at a distance and only could see items in his immediate proximity. I would hold the toys above his head and he just couldnt figure out where they were.

    We would be in the fenced back yard and he would stay close to mom the whole time.

    Now at 11 weeks he can do his Indy Basenji 500 at semi sprint in the back yard. He sees the distance now and will point at the squirells and birds whether through sight or scent, not sure which. I read somewhere in the past that basenjis are both sight and scent hounds which is why they are percieved as challenging at times. They have trouble focusing on what you want because they are taking in everything.

    Cairo has started to do the beautiful pounce dance and that play with his front paws out. He isnt at that double helix run yet, but is developing those leg muscles nicely.

    I was so tickled today when he pointed at a squirell up a palm tree to yards away. His vision is definately longer now.

  • Go Cairo Go! Or is it Grow Cairo Grow? 😃

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