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@DebraDownSouth Haha that is most likely the case!

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@DebraDownSouth Thank you for the website! I will look at it now.

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@eeeefarm I agree, I was reluctant to use her crate as for time outs, but everything I read said that was ok. I try to separate the difference of time out vs. her hanging out in there. When its a time out, I lift her up and put her in there myself, no treat. When she needs to be in the crate at night, or when I cannot supervise her, I make her go in on her own and give her a treat. Maybe that can help...

She did a similar thing today where she started to bite my legs; it was right after I accidentally stepped on her paw, so I think she was acting out in fear. Luckily I was able to pick her up and calm her down before it got to the point it did the other night.
I just hired a dog trainer today; I am crossing my fingers!

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@eeeefarm Thank you! I have been putting her in "time outs" in her create, but I need to be more constant when I am doing them.

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@tanza I agree with you, I am not interested in shock collars, what-so-ever. I want to focus on positive training. I know that she is capable of training because she already knows a good amount of demands.

She was nine weeks when I got her, do you think that is too young? I have not talked to her breeder yet but I will today!

Thank you

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Hi there!

My name is Kaela, I have a 14 month old Basenji Pup. She is the light of my life! I am very excited to have found this forum, its a great recourse for newbies like me! 0_1489463527156_VSCO Cam-3.jpg

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Hi there,

My name is Kaela, I have a 14 week old Basenji pup named Roo.

She play bites A LOT. I have been trying to train her to "leave it" and that has helped with her chewing but not the play biting. I have also tried "yelping" and ignoring her, but that doesn't seem to phase her at all.

Today, we were out for a walk. I began to run with her, to get a little extra energy out. As soon as I stopped running, she started biting my legs, hands and growing. She would not "leave it" or listen to "no." I ended up with some pretty deep and bloody bite marks on my hand after.
What do you guys think of this behavior? Do you think she got overly excited with the by run? Or do you believe that this was an act of aggression?

Let me know your thoughts!
Thank you

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She really wants that coffee...

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