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Hello all!

Just wanted to share some of the photos I got of my gorgeous little model the other day after the snowstorm here in RVA! He's entirely motivated by treats but he seems to know exactly what I want from him as soon as I whip the camera out. Let's see some more snow pictures!

0_1544626773414_unnamed.jpg 0_1544626766165_unnamed (5).jpg 0_1544626792979_unnamed (1).jpg 0_1544626815827_unnamed (2).jpg

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Hi everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster here. This is my gorgeous little boy Remus aka Spring Willow's Auld Lang Syne! Anyone else on here from the Richmond, Va area? 1_1534703709268_IMG_8154.jpg 0_1534703709267_IMG_8129.jpg

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@antigone Remus HATES the rain. There is nothing I can do to get him to go outside if its even drizzling. He was really unsure about the snow last year, but with some treats and tossing snowballs he warmed up to it. Now he just goes out and does zoomies in the back yard in the snow and refuses to come in haha

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@eeeefarm My aunt is actually a photographer and has gotten quite popular taking horse pictures and she uses the umbrella trick! A liver treat or a high pitch noise is usually enough to get Remus to sit still and look at me lol

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@antigone wow! That's amazing! I can usually get Remus to sit still for maybe 30 seconds and then have to let him run a lap before he regains the focus to sit pretty for me again. He does have the cute little head tilt and the momentary lazer focus though haha

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