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I completely agree. I feel like if she can’t handle him now there is no way she will be able to handle him being bigger. My husband was also furious that he was muzzled and I completely agreed with him because if we can handle him she should be able to he’s only 18 weeks. I was also concerned with her pushing the neutering on me when I have never mentioned to her that I want him neutered. I am in search of a new vet already. Thank you for your response.

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Hey. I have my first Basenji and the diggs crate is great but I must admit it is heavy and bulky to take up and down the stairs. I had to buy an additional crate for travel because it was becoming too much. If you were looking for something to travel with I definitely wouldn’t recommend it especially because it is expensive. My puppy loves it though since he can see everything from it but you could get that from another crate.

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@JENGOSMonkey Yes I completely agree. She isn't familiar with the breed at all. When I first took him to the vet she was so surprised to see a basenji she even said that she thought they no longer existed. I think it is her energy and she is going to keep giving that energy. If it were a different breed she wouldn't be doing this. She said it herself. "Since this breed is known to be aggressive, I suggest we do the neutering sooner before his testosterone kicks in". My husband and I both agreed we wouldn't neuter him. I won't speak to the new vet about the experience and I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for the advice.

Thank you on the compliment. He's such a well behaved puppy along with all the cuteness.

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@elbrant will try this going forward. My husband does tell him not to bite and also puts him in the playpen.

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