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@eeeefarm I've had her for 4 1/2 years. I've worked with her so has my dad (hes train all of our dogs growing up to be the most behaved dog you'd ever met) nothing we've done has helped her aggression. Good thing is she gets along well with other dogs in the house and cats too. Its just when she is on a leash (I've tried getting her attention with food and saying her name) I try changing direction but she tries to pull me back towards the other dog. She also gets aggressive if the dog is on the other side of the fence, unless she's met the dog on the outside with no leash on.

As for the nails I've tried the positive reinforcement, with food and pets and soft kind words and working my way to her nails. Nothing has helped. I might actually need to call in a behavioural specialist to help with it.

She would never actually bite a human even when we are playing. The moment she feels my hand in her mouth she immediately backs off.

A city inspector walked in our back yard the other day and she stood in front of him barking but never attacked.

I hate that when people see her and she starts barking people see her as mean and want to avoid her when she actually would never hurt a fly (literally she leaves the dang things alone)

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@redial She won't let me get anywhere near her feet. She starts becoming really aggressive when people start playing with her nails. I don't know if she was abused with that before I got her, but I can't do them. And I am afraid to take her to a groomer for fear she will bite them. I try to let her walk on asphalt as much as possible, but it is hard when she sees another dog and won't stop barking. So she doesn't get to go on walks much. She has a giant backyard to play in though

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I know my baby is a Basenji mix. But she is taller and has a straight tail!!!

She is almost as tall as a German Shepard. And she weighs 60lbs.

I know Bs are typically smaller breeds. So that's why im wondering what she is mixed with to make her so large.

I love her either way. She is one of the best dogs I've ever owned and the affection she shows me is unlike any other.

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