• As you all know Basenjis are my passion and my goal is to own and breed the in Israel and become the first Basenji kennel in Israel.

    Sadley they are no Basenjis in Israel except of a young male that didn't attend to shows.

    So, because of all those reasons i want to get as much Basenjis to an International Dog Show here as i can so that i could meet Basenji breeders and owners,learn more about this amazing breed and to get the Israeli people to this breed.

    The closest Int show will be at 24.10.09, in the city Afula wich is located in the north of Israel.
    The judge of the Basenji breed(group 5 Spitz and Premitive dogs according to the FCI,Hound group according to the AKC) will be Mr.Tuominen Matti from Finland

    To get Israeli Chapionship the dog needs only 3CC and the winner of the Chapion class becomes an Israeli Champion.
    In addition, Champions can get a Grand Champion title with only 3 G.CC.
    The Juniors can get Junior Champion title with only 2 J.CC

    So i would really like that as many Basenjis as possible will attend to the show and i would be more than happy that many breeders and owners will cooperate.

    Fore more information:
    E-mail: hila_345@walla.com
    MSN: hila345@hotmail.com
    Skype: hila-hadar

    Thank you,

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