• **So we went to Avrey Point and took our Jacker. Turns our, waves rushing up on the rocks FREAK him out…I only had my camera phone but these pictures sort of explain it!! lol. Hed run up to the edge of the rocks on a back wave and when it came rushing back hed bolt backwards as fast as he could!! and then do it again all over again!! Hes so funny!!:D


  • Oh and here is Aiden earlier that day Fishing for the first time. Whenever we give him somthing it goes straight into the mouth, but when Da Da handed him the fishing pole Daddy snapped this one…Its like he just...KNEW...

    And then he "caught" one…well daddy did...

  • Aww, he's getting so big!

    Looks like his mama, at least in these photos!

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