"Stupid Dog" kind of night…...

  • Ugh. Keoki has been doing so well lately, and Dh and I were commenting just last night on how much better he's doing. I thought a lot of his "nonsense" was behind us.

    It has been quite a while since he's growled at anyone, but last night he was sitting on my lap when DH came over to say "goodnight" and got a growl.
    I dumped Keoki, and Dh petted him to more growls. Dh kept petting him and even picked him up, until the growls stopped. 😞 Rats. Thought we were done with that.

    As you know, the B's sleep in their unlatched crates w/in an ex-pen. Keoki has been doing beautifully; sleeping all night in his crate with only the occasional early morning {6 - 7 AM} crawl into Jazzy's crate. She'll usually give a little growl, which he ignores as he curls up next to her.
    Well, this morning at 1 AM I heard Jazzy's low growl so I knew he was trying to crawl in with her, a little early. Then her growl got louder and meaner, and was soon followed by an in-the-crate brawl. She did NOT want him in there with her.
    I got up to tell him to go back to bed, to which he usually immediately responds by going back into his own crate, curling up and going to sleep.
    NOT this morning. This morning he refused to go back to his own crate.
    Once I got him to go into it, he stood forlornly by the door, whining, complaining, and kept trying to get back out and into her crate. He kept looking at the back of his crate as if there was something there making him uncomfortable; he did not want to be in the back of the crate. Weird.
    I was in that room for AN HOUR, trying to convince that stupid dog {by the end of the hour, I am sure he was thinking that was his new name, LOL} to go to bed.
    He FINALLY curled up as if he were going to be a good boy, so I went back to bed. Within minutes they were at it again, but one more quick trip in and he went back to his own crate. I went back to bed, only to hear Jazzy's low growl start up again.
    I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it quieted down quickly. All was peaceful until another in-the-crate brawl at 7AM {Kinda worked out for me because I've overslept!}. When I went into their room he was squeezed in next to Jazz.

    Geez. I hope this isn't the start of something new.:mad:

  • rocky gets in moods like that, some days are worse than others.. he can be under and blanket but if you move or mia walks near him.. he freaks out and snaps.. even though everyone else is above the blanket.. hahaha but rocky, who was laying next to me, growled at dan once when he walked into the bedroom to get into bed.. he wasnt even anywhere near me.. lol idk i think they get protective and annoyed easily. they wanna do what they want.. when they want.. as i type this i am being used as a pathway to the other side of the bed. and now as a chair. lol

  • I want to add two notes: After Keoki stopped growling last night at Dh for petting him, Dh did do some sit/stays for treats. Dh never works with him at all, and I think that may be why Dh has had the most trouble with getting Keoki to respect his authority. Regardless, the dog can't growl at anyone so he needs to stop, but Dh does need to be a bit more proactive.

    AND the little TURD, after he got up, went potty, had breakfast –--- went RIGHT BACK INTO HIS OWN CRATE for a nice long morning nap. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    LOL, Stinker.

  • That's a basenji for ya right? :p

  • hahahahahaha what can i say.. i guess he had a long night 😉

  • @Ninabeana26:

    That's a basenji for ya right? :p

    Yup, for "unpredictable" dogs, they sure are "predictable". 😃

    Still think he's a big turd.;)
    And honestly, if Jazz would just scoot over….......:rolleyes:

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