B-mix in Indiana Shelter

Ok,,,,,,I made the mistake of looking on petfinder and this little girls eyes just about made me cry – they have that same scared worried look that our Wrigley had when we first got him. Anyone in that area who may be interested can go to this website.


She is so cute, and you are right, that look in her eyes is so sad! She looks so sweet though. I wish I could take her. She is a pretty girl!

OMg this is why i cant look at this i want her so bad she would be perfect for my little girl to play w/ and a dog for my hubby

I so hope she gets a home.
I sent this to the BRAT mix person.
Fingers crossed someone will go get her.

Thanks Sharron! I didnt even think of sending info on a mix to BRAT. Hopefully she can go to a home that will love her. Let us know if anything happens.

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